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KARS offers auto reconditioning services with top notch customer service.

Our #1 priority is the relationship we develop with our clients.

At KARS, we believe in conducting business the same way

we live our daily lives – with honesty, integrity and fairness.

Some of our customers want to know what is the difference between car detailing and car reconditioning.

So, to clear up some confusion, here is a comparison:



Detailing consists of thoroughly cleaning (inside and out) and preserving a car so it looks and feels as close to new as possible. But detailing is what happens at the end of the reconditioning process, which involves everything that goes into repairing and restoring the vehicle to something as close to new as possible. Reconditioning can include all kinds of repairs, such as headlight restoration, paint chip repair, plastic trim restoration, repairing holes and tears in cloth, fixing dents and dings, vinyl and leather repair, carpet dying and rejuvenation, foul odor-removal, and the list on goes to include any kind of cosmetic repair needed to bring the vehicle up to standards for presenting on the lot.

Although KARS Technicians are uniquely equipped to repair interior and exterior damage

and remove stains and odors, we do not provide full detailing services.




Minor cosmetic repairs may include paint touch up, scratch removal, minor body work, and other small repairs. KARS can repair most minor cosmetic issues at affordable prices, but we will tell you upfront if a job is beyond our abilities.


Here at KARS, we love good looking vehicles. The paint on your car might have problem areas that are peeling, chipped or rubbed dull for a variety of reasons, including minor accidents. We are not equipped to paint an entire car. Instead, our technicians are trained to paint only the smaller areas that need attention and then seamlessly blend the repair. You won't be able to tell where the new paint ends and the old paint begins! This saves the customer both time and money and

prevents waste when a full vehicle

paint job is not required.


The primary goal of this service is to get your interior back to like-new condition. We remove stains and odors and repair burns,

rips and tears

KARS offer our customers some of the best prices on auto interior services.



Paintless dent repair is a more affordable and speedy form of dent repair, one that doesn’t affect the factory’s paint job. KARS' highly trained Technicians can handle this type of service. It’s a much less intrusive process for dent repair designed for small to medium repair needs. Our experts use the latest state-of-the-art technologies to repair dents while getting under the vehicle’s “skin” and gently coaxing dented panels back into position — all without scratching or otherwise compromising the vehicle’s paint job.


KARS offers a

Full-Service Wheel Rim Repair.

Whether your wheel has curb damage, chips, scrapes, scratches, dings or is just out of shape we will return your damaged wheel to

"like-new" condition.


Does your vehicle have foggy or cloudy headlights?

Don't replace them.

Let KARS restore them to a clear, almost new condition with resurfacing. Foggy or cloudy headlights contribute to unsafe driving conditions, especially at night. Resurfacing increases the amount of light projecting from your vehicle's headlights

keeping you safer.

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